I Love YouTube


My experience with YouTube has been a love/hate relationship. Hate because of all the weird approval things I've had to go through in the past. Love because of the community.

Its such an awesome experience to get feedback from people you don't know. Sort of like the people that comment on this blog.

I've produced and edited over hundreds of videos in my short career. 5+ years of filmmaking though I've never worked with film, but I think its okay to call yourself a filmmaker if you're out there doing what the people before you did which is get an idea and shoot it!

It doesn't matter the method or the medium used as long as its created and people can watch it.

Lately I've been on a YouTube rush! Making videos everyday for my fitness channel and Urban Media! Its been fun!

Just click on the Web Series Tab to check out my Partnered Channel.

Don't have anything else I really want to share, besides the fact that I love YouTube.