iPad 2 Apps 2012

iPad Apps.PNG

This is what my iPad 2 looks like. As you can see I only have two pages of apps. The second page is filled with folders of apps that I don't use as often but are broken into different categories. I'll talk about those in another post.

On the bottom dock I have the 4 standard Apple apps that I use the most and a paid app I use a lot and love! THINGS. Now THINGS is really pricey, but I was an early adopter for it and got it really cheap for my desktop and then iPhone and now iPad. You do have to purchase each one separatley but a good alternative that a lot of my thrifty friends use is Wunderlist its FREE and works on all those platforms as well.

Top Row: LDS Scriptures this app is way NICE! I invested in this one early as well. There is an alternative app that's just as good which was released by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and its FREE! Facebook app is very important, Twitter app also and Newsrack in my opinion is one of the best RSS Readers out there and its only $4.99 syncs great with Google Reader account. But if you look at  Row 3 there is a sleek competitor FLIPBOARD which I'll talk about more later.

Row 2: Pad & Quill I got recently and I love it. It's a digital moleskin. I got it for .99, but that was when it was on sale. I love it its sleek, easy to use and compatible on the iPhone and it automatically syncs it. Notes I still enjoy using it for quick jots here and there. Instapaper is awesome, but lately I find myself using it less and less... so sad. It does cost but I got it so long ago I don't know how much it is now. Squarespace app is awesome if you're a Squarespace user. Its perfect for keeping a website up to date.

Row 3: Flipboard is an RSS Reader, Social Network Feed, and a Magazine wrapped into one. Everyone who has an iPad needs this app. Nuff Said! Blog Press is a great app to keep blogger sites up to date. Cost a few bucks but well, worth it. YouTube and Netflix because I always need my media fix.

Row 4: Hulu+ and Video are my other sources for that media fix. Next we go to iBooks and Comic Zeal. iBooks makes a great PDF reader and Comic Zeal is awesome for those comic book fans. I've read and finished so many comic series with that app.

Row 5: Newstand becaue I can't put it anywhere else unless I do some trick which I've done in the past but then it get's undone with any updates. Pages is a great app and helps with writing longer papers and what not. Dropbox need access to it at all times and what better way then to have it on the iPad. Facetime so you can look super cool talking to the fam on the holidays or like a douche talking to the wife while at school.

What's funny after seeing my set up and thinking about it a bit I might change some things around... What's your set up or favorite apps?