Today I shared this video for our Family Home Evening message.

Throughout the day I kept being reminded of reasons we should keep journals or keepsakes. The importance of a family history. I think back on all the things I've posted on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc... and wonder, what are people going to get from it?

For this year I've started a few projects on the side that aren't part of my New Year's Resolutions, but they can be. For instance I'm not shaving my facial hair or cutting my hair for a full year. I've always wanted long hair and a beard so why not do it.

Another project is my Fitinthis Blog. A way to keep tabs on myself and inspire others as I take them on my journey to get fit.

One project that is a New Year's Resolution is to take family portraits with my little fam at least once a month.

Watch the video and see if it inspires you to do more.