I Make Videos (Abridged Version)


I would love to make a documentary/feature that would premiere at film festivals and in theaters. I would love to produce a TV Series that's documentary based as well. And as you might already know I produce a documentary web series. But in the last few months now I've been experimenting with hosting and also thinking about going back to my roots of narrative filmmaking. Sit back and come with me on a journey to my past on how I decided to one day make filmmaking/video production my life and where I plan to take it next.

I've always loved watching movies. I watch everything! I was basically raised by a screen. My first childhood recollection of being in a theater is watching Superman. But let me fast foward to when I held a camera and filmed a video for the first time. It happened as a sophomore in high school. My dad would make movies with his siblings and he decided, "hey we should make a movie." So we made a bunch of movies mainly action and horror. It was fun to do fight sequences, fake blood, and gory make up. I then started going off on my own with the camera and making music videos and super hero videos all with in camera effects. Everything was done in camera. You only had one take and you moved on to the next scene. I had no idea video editing equipment existed. The big turning point happened when my senior year English class gave a short film assignment. That's when I made Doug's Revenge. A film that educated, entertained, and had characters you would love forever. In fact I had a Pedro in my film before Napoleon Dynamite. The main character was Doug a nerd gone rogue. Next was Marshall a tough guy that would give people all sorts of nicknames and say the dumbest one liners. Then we had two girls because we lost one during productions her role really wasn't all that important. We had a random guy that acted as our extra in every scene and of course Pedro, who only said one or two things like Dude, Man, and stuff like that. It was a fun story that I hope to one day refilm.  At the end of the year I won all the film awards for that VHS Masterpiece. After that I wrote a bunch of scripts that never were filmed. I started doing other things and the filmmaking bug was smashed.

4 years later I'm in college and decide I should major in film. I make a few shorts for fun nothing too amazing but find it difficult to have the time to film more and have people be part of my projects. College makes everyone too busy for anyone. I also start to realize the film program was lacking so I decide to take matters into my own hands and work for a TV Station as an editor. How did I learn how to edit? By working as an editor. I then started to spend my pell grants and loans on video equipment and decided to enter the documentary world after realizing all the misconceptions about Hip Hop culture. This was the beginning of Urban Media. (2009)

So here we are 3 years later. I have a few thousand subscribers and fans and create new content on a weekly basis. But its gotten to the point that I want to do even more! Go back to making comedy, horror, action, and whatever else I want to create. I felt I've limited myself a lot by just sticking to documentary filmmaking. This is all part of my rebranding but to understand where I'm going, I think its only fair to know where I came from. I have a few concepts and ideas that are going to make me controversial and somewhat infamous. Its going to be a fun new experience filled with tons of laughs.